Affiliate programs can be an extremely valuable part of a performance marketing portfolio representing 5-15 percent of online sales

Programmes can be very complex and can easily turn from a revenue generator to a cost centre if not managed carefully. We are at the forefront of affiliate marketing, moving the industry to the next generation that places a premium on incremental revenue and brand supportive behavior.


If you engage with Lozik Click! to  manage your affiliate programme, we will endeavour to bring success to your brands and your products.

​With a combined 18 years affiliate marketing experience, you can be assured that your programme has found the right partner. Our initiatives have been proven to boost sales, reduce administration costs, and improve reach from Europe to the rest of the world.

How it works

Affiliate programmes enable online businesses to pay commissions to webmaster and marketeers to promote and sell their products through links.

  • Affiliate outsourced Programme Management (OPM)
  • Affiliate programme strategy definition and launch
  • Relaunches and network consolidation
  • Localisation programmes for international rollouts



Lozik Click! combines sophisticated strategies with high quality account management and back end administration. We will engage closely with your company to define your goals and expectations, before designing a tailored programme to meet your needs. Typically this may involve social media and Search Engine optimisation as well as pay per click advertising.


The strong selling point of running an affiliate programme is that you can use a commission model that suits your business.

The most commonly deployed commission scheme is CPA (cost per Acquisition) which means that commissions are paid only on generated sales. This may be a fixed payment or a percentage of sales.​


Affiliate marketing should feature as a core part of any online business wishing to sell its products or services through digital media. Grow your customer base through the global reach of affiliate marketing, and build a channel resellers through our effective programmes.


“At Juliadating we have targets markets in the CIS and in the US. Lozik Click’s services enabled us to recruit successful affiliates in bot regions, to manage commission payments and to give us granular marketing stats, helping its to run our business effectively.”

Sofia Balentyne, Marketing Manager,

“Chicvenue is an upmarket introductions agency, specialising in arranging introductions for busy professionals. Lozik Click gave reach to our marketing campaign, and helped us to effectively manage our affiliate programme, increasing our profitability as a business. “

Ravinda Patel, Brand Manager,

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