Bringing together all of the elements that make a successful affiliate programme work.

There are many elements to a successful affiliate programme and it’s important  to get each one right

From our growing database currently featuring over 6,000 active affiliates, you can be sure that Lozik Click! will select just the right partners for you to work with. Our many years experience enables us to recruit quickly and effectively. Added to this our knowledge of effective commission schemes will ensure that your affiliates are well motivated. We can advise on the right marketing material to help your partners market your products in the right way, and we will ensure that the message that the affiliates carry is the one that you wish to convey.e recognise that you have invested in your brand and that it is a valuable asset.


  • Affiliate outsourced Programme Management (OPM)
  • Affiliate programme strategy definition and launch
  • Relaunches and network consolidation
  • Localisation programmes for international rollouts



Lozik Click! combines sophisticated strategies with high quality account management and back end administration. We will engage closely with your company to define your goals and expectations, before designing a tailored programme to meet your needs. Typically this may involve social media and Search Engine optimisation as well as pay per click advertising.


The strong selling point of running an affiliate programme is that you can use a commission model that suits your business.

The most commonly deployed commission scheme is CPA (cost per Acquisition) which means that commissions are paid only on generated sales. This may be a fixed payment or a percentage of sales.​


Affilate marketeers have expertise in all aspects of online branding and promotion. they are highly skilled and specialise in areas such as email marketing, SEO, pay per click and customer loyalty. You can harness these skills through an effective affiliate programme..